The Caglificio Meridionale di Ruggiero TatÚ situated at Barletta made its beginnings in 1884.
The ancestors, living in an area rich in pastures and goat and ovine farming, started up a company for the manufacturing and production of rennet in a paste form.
The company imposed its well-grounded product in the Padana Plain early on, an area of production of high-quality milk.
Always aiming at excellent quality and availability of the product, the company also extended into Lazio and Sardinia.
Today the rennet company upholds its high traditions and treasures the precious advice of its ancestors. It also makes use of valued contacts with overseas, producing a wide range of products for the dairy industry.
The management of the Caglificio Meridionale is very attentive in observing the good practices of production and manufacturing thanks to a watchful inspection of all the phases of the production process.
As a consequence, the company has implemented a self-checking system with the HACCP model, according to those that are still the regulations in force.
The company has obtained the CE mark
(IT 9/2554) and ISO 9001 : 2000 (N. 6721-A).